Häcker – Saksa köögimööbel ja köögitehnika

After the establishment of the company in 1899, Miele’s founders decided they produce machines that are both durable and long-lasting, believing that the long-term success depends on convincing and complete product quality. Nowadays Miele offers a wide selection of the highest quality, excellent design and timeless household appliances. All Miele products are tested to last a minimum of 20 years. Miele’s founders philosophy is “always better”.



Design is not just the surface, but also the device user’s gained experience. New kitchen where appliances are designed with a reason. As a result to this, we have achieved a product line in accordance with the shape and the strength of the materials. These new-generation devices enhance the design to a whole new level. Learn more about our built-in kitchen appliances. Every new generation of devices have the same control devices based on similar rationale. Thus, for example, the display is always in the middle of the screen, regardless of the control equipment. All control devices have the same innovative and high-resolution display technology. The key element of all control systems are touch-sensor buttons. Among them you can find all the available options.


Häcker - Saksa köögimööbel ja köögitehnika