Häcker – Saksa köögimööbel ja köögitehnika

Our philosophy:

Häcker produces modern fitted kitchens that fulfil the highest claims in terms of quality, functionality, durability and design. The Häcker name is well known in the sector as a guarantee of sound design, reliability, commitment and success. Häcker is the reliable partner of the specialist trade both today and in the future. Rapidity and flexibility are the maxims in the fields of process organisation, delivery deadlines and quality. Häcker employees work in the customer’s interest. The aim is satisfied customers. Häcker embodies and constantly wishes to improve customer commitment. Häcker seeks partnership with its customers. This begins with communication and is conveyed by a versatile network of relations.


Our environmental policy:

As an industrial company Häcker takes its share of responsibility for the conversation of nature very seriously and is committed to permanent improvement of the environmental performance.
Energy efficiency, emission reduction and waste disposal are only a few key words that contribute to the sustainability of the Hacker corporation.
Häcker runs a modern environment and quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 1400:2009, which was certified first in 2009. Staff and suppliers are actively involved in the protection of environment.
The use of low-emission water-base lacquer systems contribute significantly to the reduction of emission.
When it comes to waste disposal Hacker focuses on recyclable materials and ensures that all recorded packaging is processed according to the material and that the regulations of packaging are fulfilled.
In the area of conservation of resources Hacker sets a high value on modern and energy-efficient installation engineering.
The environmental policy portrays the entrepreneurial direction of the company Hacker Kitchen in the area of environment.


Häcker - Saksa köögimööbel ja köögitehnika